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Using Development Goal Setting to drive performance.

Development planning is a powerful talent management tool that is a critical part of both Performance Management and Succession Planning. Development goals can be focused on enhancing skills and competencies related to one's current role, leveraging strengths, and/or developing new capabilities for future roles. An Indvidual Development Plan (IDP) can include any or all of the following types of development goals. "Do Better" Goals - Do Better goals target skills and competencies that need to be improved to improve in one's current role. Example Do Better goals include: Become more effective at managing time Improve public speaking skills
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Talent Management - High Potential Programs: What are you improving?

Hi-po programs are all the rage amongst HR professionals looking to get progressive with their HRM practices. It is true, that an effectively run program can significantly increase the development, promotability, and retention of high performers, but some organizations struggle to integrate tools that will measure if/when this has happened.
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