Measure leadership your way.

Assess leadership based upon the competencies and behaviors that are important to your company. viaPeople makes it easy to target feedback by job level, function, or reviewer group. We understand that one size does not fit all.

Measure leadership your way


Align feedback with your employee experience.

viaPeople’s easy-to-interpret, flexible 360 feedback reports can be branded to support your people development programs. Integrate custom content to support interpretation and development planning.

Align feedback with your employee experience


Make feedback actionable.

Ensure leaders understand and take ownership of their feedback so they can transform it into action. viaPeople’s Talent Strategies team offers a variety of individual and group coaching options to support your development programs.

Make feedback actionable


Use data to drive development.

Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement across departments or the entire organization. Connect 360 data to other business metrics to identify the performance drivers and create team talent profiles.

Use data to drive development


Implement global programs without worry.

Implement 360-degree feedback for a single leader or groups of tens of thousands with confidence. viaPeople 360 scales as your programs scale, including seamless language translation.

Implement global programs without worry

Benefits of viaPeople's 360-Degree Feedback

Ensure Fair Feedback icon

Ensure Fair Feedback

viaPeople’s one-of-a-kind accuracy enhancement features facilitate fair, unbiased ratings and constructive feedback.

Highlight Strengths and Uncover Opportunities icon

Highlight Strengths and Uncover Opportunities

Easy-to-interpret feedback reports make it easy for leaders to prioritize their development actions.

Go Beyond the Numbers icon

Go Beyond the Numbers

Select rating scales that align with your culture and capture qualitative comments that provide context that drives action.

Key Benefits-Efficiently Gather Feedback icon

Efficiently Gather Feedback

We make it easy to select reviewers, personally invite participants, and facilitate participation.

Emily Jackson

Associate Curriculum Director
Pro-Active Performance

viaPeople was an amazing partner when our client incorporated 360 into their leadership development training. They skillfully guided us during set up and also ensured my Facilitators and Coaches were prepared to deliver feedback to participants. The user interface and subsequent report are easy and intuitive – our participants used it with ease! Their system, guidance and expertise insured our initial (and subsequent) 360 roll outs have been a success!”