AI Instant Insights

Streamline your feedback process with actionable summaries powered by AI.

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Introducing AI Instant Insights

Discover the power of AI in synthesizing employee feedback into concise managerial summaries. Our cutting-edge tool automatically processes multi-rater feedback, providing you with insights that drive better decision-making.

Managerial Summaries

Provides managers with quick, comprehensive summaries of feedback, enabling them to make informed decisions without wading through volumes of individual comments. This not only streamlines the review process but also ensures that managers are focusing on the most critical insights.

Writing Assistant for Feedback Providers

Assists individuals in composing their reviews by suggesting phrases and focusing on key competencies, which helps maintain consistency and relevance in feedback across the board.

Comprehensive Feedback Overviews

Offers organizations a bird’s eye view of feedback trends and themes, which is invaluable for strategic planning and training programs. This overview helps align developmental programs with the actual needs and strengths identified through feedback.

Download Our Free AI Product Overview

Download our free guide that explores our AI solution in more depth. Or schedule a call to review the information together.

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Secure and Seamless Implementation

Our platform ensures top-tier security for your data, with encrypted transmissions and strict compliance with global data protection standards. Implementation is smooth, with minimal IT overhead.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Our clients love AI Insights paired with their performance cycles.

“Rolling out this feature was a huge help for our performance cycles. At first our bankers didn’t understand the need for the feature, but once we implemented it across the company, we received nothing but rave reviews from the firm.”
HR Executive
Top PE Firm
“It has helped us reduce bias. When reviewers are prompted by an AI summary of the collection of the employees actual performance through their time period, they were more likely to write a review that actually reflected accurately on their performance.”
HR Executive
Financial Industry
"viaPeople has a unique position from their competitors, because there aren’t as many hoops to jump through for implementing new features. Being at the forefront of trying to use AI in the process of performance management is a huge unlock."
HR Executive
Insurance Industry