Understand your collective talent.

HR systems don't store the talent data that you need to understand the talent within your business. Capture the critical experiences, capabilities, and skills required for success in your unique business using viaPeople’s flexible talent assessment tools.

Understand your collective talent


Review talent using proven methods.

Assess performance and potential using viaPeople’s dynamic talent review tools. Create a framework using the 9 box or your preferred method (i.e., 4 box quadrant) to build ownership and consistency across the business.


Review talent using proven methods


Prepare for the future.

Identify replacements and recognize potential successors for your critical positions. Analyze readiness so that you can ensure leaders are prepared for future challenges.

Prepare for the future


Facilitate fair, consistent promotions.

viaPeople’s promotion tool will help you implement a fair, consistent promotion process across your business. Automate nominations, gather stakeholder feedback, and manage committees to make decisions based on data, not politics.

Learn about the Promotions tool.

Facilitate fair, consistent promotions


Discover the talent within.

Identify internal candidates for promotion and deployment to key initiatives using talent search. Mine your talent base for the skills, experiences, and capabilities important to you.

Discover the talent within

Benefits of viaPeople's Succession Planning

Visualize Talent icon
Visualize Talent
Pinpoint existing talent gaps so you can allocate resources and effectively align recruitment strategies.
Avoid Biased Decisions icon
Avoid Biased Decisions
Use a robust, comprehensive set of talent data for decisions to stave off bias and promote diversity and inclusion.
Manage Flight Risks icon
Manage Flight Risks
Uncover retention risks and create action plans to develop and engage.
Recognize Leaders Early icon
Recognize Leaders Early
Identify those with future potential so you can fast-track their development and ensure retention.