Capitalize on industry-specific features

viaPeople understands the industry and the challenges of capturing employee performance across deals. Through features such as the ability to customize feedback based on deal team roles and work within deal timelines, our software solves the problems every firm faces at year-end: Who worked on what deals? How did they perform on each deal? No more confusion or manual tracking - the feedback is at your fingertips. 

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Empower employees with timely feedback

Automatically launch multi-rater team feedback based on deal activity such as an announcement or deal close, giving employees the opportunity to take action on feedback right away for future growth. Gather and share performance feedback in real-time when it matters most, rather than waiting for a mid-year or annual review cycle.

Learn more about real-time feedback for deal teams.

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Uncover powerful performance insights

Which deal team leaders create teams that thrive? Who are your consistent, high performers? Examine trends across deals and over multiple years to spur process improvement. Form a comprehensive picture of performance at the individual, deal team, and firm level to inform compensation and promotion decisions. 

Learn how the deal team feedback tool paints a detailed picture of performance.

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Ensure inclusiveness through a systematic approach

Help each deal team member - from the most junior to the most senior - realize their potential through consistent and fair feedback. Some deal team leaders naturally provide feedback while others struggle without a structured process in place. Consistency is key to avoid bias and and ensure engagement of all deal team members. 

Learn how the deal team feedback tool provides consistency across teams.



Ensure fairness within a financial services team by creating a systematic approach to deal team feedback
Quotation Mark

viaPeople has enabled us to provide robust feedback to employees via 360 reviews. The team at viaPeople has provided best practices, and suggestions on how to further enhance the system, and our approach to reviews. The system is easy to use and administer, and their customer service team is helpful, quick to respond to our questions or requests for adjustments, and proactive whenever they spot a potential issue."

Lindy Smiley
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Human Resources
Starwood Property Trust