Align your team to create inclusion and belonging.

Goals provide employees with clear direction and motivate performance. Using viaPeople's software, you can design a process that boosts accountability and actually improves performance.

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Inclusion and belonging


Define how and why goals should be achieved.

Competencies provide employees with clear direction on the behaviors they should demonstrate and develop to be successful. Capture the unique knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that contribute to your company's culture and success.

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Define goals and competencies


Craft unbiased reviews to elevate performance.

viaPeople makes it easy for managers to craft fair, unbiased reviews that focus on performance development. Seamlessly integrate feedback from peers, direct reports, or even customers to provide a full picture of performance.

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Unbiased reviews to elevate performance


Provide each employee with a plan for growth.

Development plans provide employees with a clear, measurable picture of where they are and where they’re going. Leverage our flexible software to create development plans that enhance performance and career progression.

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Create a plan for growth


Implement continuous, real-time feedback.

Transform performance management into an agile, continuous feedback process which gives employees frequent feedback to better leverage strengths and focus development efforts. viaPeople offers ultimate flexibility so that you can implement real-time feedback your way.

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Provide real-time feedback


Make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Calibrate performance within and across teams to ensure fairness and alignment. viaPeople's powerful calibration and reporting tools help you to allocate resources, close performance gaps, and identify future leaders.


Smart and data-driven decisions

Benefits of viaPeople's Performance Management Solution

Engage Employees icon

Engage Employees

Create the engaging employee experience you envision with our flexible, customizable software.

Reduce Bias icon

Reduce Bias

Ensure fairness throughout your entire process with individual and team performance ratings.

Motivate Performance icon

Motivate Performance

Create a culture of growth and development through continuous, real-time feedback.

Improve Efficiency icon

Improve Efficiency

Say goodbye to administrative burdens with triggered actions, invitations, and reminders.