Take a consistent approach to employee promotions

Don’t let your employee promotion process fall prey to promotion bias. Ensure fairness by systematizing your process with consistent employee promotion criteria and standard procedures for promotion decision-making, whether that involves committees, voting, or a multilevel approval.

Learn how our Promotions tool enables you to maintain consistency.

Two members of an HR team analyzing performance data to standardize their promotion decision-making process and prevent promotion bias

Enhance transparency of promotion data

Gain visibility into actionable performance data all in one place. Access employee promotion evaluation feedback from peers and stakeholders, and stay compliant with carefully documented reasoning to support promotion approvals or rejections.

Learn how the Promotions tool increases visibility and transparency.

Members of a team discussing performance appraisal process representing transparency of feedback

Accelerate the process through intelligent automation

Alleviate the administrative burden of managing information collection and sharing. Our promotion platform facilitates the process with customized workflows and frees HR leaders up to focus on strategy rather than juggling logistics such as emailing documents or following up on tasks.

Learn how Promotions software streamlines data collection and increases efficiency.

HR professional collecting performance and promotions data in real time using a tablet

Make informed talent management decisions

Seamlessly integrate promotion processes into your broader talent management strategy to make data-driven decisions. Promote the most deserving employees to positions where they can leverage their strengths and help your organization succeed.

Learn how managing promotions with software improves decision-making.

HR team analyzing performance and promotion data using software on tablet to make data-driven decisions about employee promotions