Performance Management

Development planning is a powerful talent management tool  that is a critical part of both Performance Management and Succession Planning.  Development goals can be focused on enhancing skills and competencies related to one's current role, leveraging strengths, and/or developing new capabilities for future roles. An Indvidual Development Plan (IDP) can include any or all of the following types of development goals.

"Do Better" Goals - Do Better goals target skills and competencies that need to be improved to improve in one's current role.  Example Do Better goals include:

  • Become more effective at managing time
  • Improve public speaking skills

"Use It" Goals - Use It goals attempt to make use of a strength that is current underutilized. In fact, Use It goals tend to be underutilized!  For example, an individual may be a very capable project planner but his/her current role does not require much project planning.  Developing a Use It goal to either maximize this skill in the current job or offer it in other projects within the organization will help both th eindividual and the competency realize their full potential.  Example Use It goals include:

  • Leverage project planning abilities
  • Make better use of written communication skills

"Get Ready" Goals - Get Ready goals are target towards high performing or high potential employees and aim to develop a skill or competency that is not currently required, but that will be necessary in a future role to which the individual aspires. For example, the goal and action plan might entail improving strategic thinking in preparation for moving into a managerial role.  Additional examples include:

  • Become proficient in a software program
  • Gain confidence in leading teams

Let your team members take the lead in suggesting development actions to support each of their development goals.  Welcome regular check-ins to discuss progress and offer your support with resources, overcoming obstacles, etc.

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