Real-time feedback changes the nature of ongoing coaching and makes the dreaded performance appraisal easier and more meaningful.

As we approach the middle of the year, it is time to do a check on how well you have been coaching your direct reports thus far.  How many meaningful conversations or coaching sessions have you had with your team members over the last few months?  Are you satisfied with their performance?

The formal performance appraisal is probably one of the most dreaded business activities in organizations…..and for good reason.  When managers do not provide feedback and coach employees on a regular basis, employees may become lulled into thinking that all is well. Waiting to provide critical feedback on performance until the annual performance appraisal meeting will likely result in a confrontational and unpleasant experience. Employee performance management requires regular attention and ongoing dialogue about performance, strengths, and areas for improvement. 

Benefits of ongoing conversation and coaching 

Keep performance on track.

Regular discussion of progress on performance goals keeps focus on critical outcomes and helps employees better understand how to prioritize efforts. Employee performance management tools can help managers identify when immediate attention is needed.

Employee Performance Management software can provide managers with information to fuel performance improvement. Reporting tools not only help managers to identify when immediate intervention is needed, but also prepare them for a meaningful discussion of performance. Using viaPeople’s Reporting Dashboard, a manager can look across their department to identify the specific goal areas that are at risk and individual employees that need support.

employee performance management

Align perceptions of performance.

Ongoing dialogue on performance ensures that employees have a realistic perception of their performance and the impact that they have on the organization. Disconnects between self and manager perceptions of performance during the performance appraisal meeting are not only challenging but also negatively impact the employee-manager relationship…a key driver of employee engagement.

performance appraisal

When employees and managers provide interim evaluations on goals, managers can identify gaps in perceptions along the way and focus feedback efforts accordingly. The performance appraisal meeting should not be full of surprises.

Create a culture of feedback and development.

Managers must remember that their behavior is observed and that everything they do makes an impact.  Role modeling effective coaching and feedback delivery sends the message to all employees that feedback is important to success and employee development is valued by the organization.  Social Feedback tools make it easy for managers, as well as employees at all levels to provide recognition, solicit ideas, and share suggestions for improvement.

social feedback

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