Performance Management

The July, 2011 edition of viaPeople Insight brings together a collection of thought provoking and informative blog articles on 360 degree feedback and evaluation. 

360 Degree Feed360 degree evaluationback - Worth the Hard Work: Learn to help your leaders clearly identify strengths and development needs from their feedback. Read the article.

Top 10 List - Reasons for Rejecting 360 Degree Feedback: Ensure your leaders are ready to take action on 360 degree feedback.  Read the article.

The 360 Degree Feedback Tug of War: Understand how 360 degree feedback can effectively be used for development or to support performance evaluation.  Read the article.

Select Smart:  How to Choose 360 Degree Feedback Raters: Learn how to help your leaders select individuals to provide 360 degree feedback.  Read the article.

Lastly, download The 360 Degree Feedback Advantage to learn how using 360 degree feedback can help your company:

  • Strengthen customer relationships,
  • Clarify and communicate organizational values,
  • Increase accountability for performance, and
  • Target training and development investments.

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What have you learned about successfully using 360 degree feedback? Please share your comments and successes with us.