Assessing Performance for Succession Planning Made Easy

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April 17, 2012

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Ban the Binder Series Part 3:

Assessing Performance in the Succession Planning Planning Process

Most companies consider the performance of leaders as part of talent assessment in succession planning, along with many other predictive factors. While a leader's most recent performance evaluation should be included in the assessment, it should not be the only factor that is considered. One performance evaluation is unlikely to provide a "complete picture" of leader performance.

We recommend that organizations take the following steps to most effectively assess performance in the succession planning process. Don't worry, technology can make it easy and efficient.

Define Performance

HR leaders can play an important role in helping senior leadership to clearly define the  most critial performance factors for the organization.  Clearly articulating criteria for performance at various levels can help to facilitate a common language by which performance can be discussed and guide important succession planning decisions. 

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The example above illustrates how specific behaivor criteria define Low, Moderate, and High Performance for the purpose of succession planning decisions. Leaders can review these criteria in an online talent assessment and make their rating online, after reviewing historial performance.

Look at the Past

A leader's most recent performance provides limited insight into overall performance for the purpose of succession planning.  By considering an individual's record of performance over time, reviewing how they behave during a learning curve or how they performed in multiple roles will shed light on how the individual will perform in the future. 

HR technology makes historical performance information accessible.  Gone are the days of pulling an employee file and reviewing paper evaluation forms...or pulling together this paper history into a big white binder to be referenced during succession planning.  Just think of all of the wasted resources...Through a few clicks of the mouse, leaders can view the performance history of their teams and make informed and accurate evaluations of performance.

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