viaPeople Succession Planning

Fill a position. Promote from within. Discover the potential of those that will become your future leaders.

Our Succession Planning software helps you you easily identify and track key employees within your organization. With our solution, you can build your own customized talent database which meets the current needs within your company and ensures a steady “pipeline” of leaders into the future.

Create a Succession Planning Process that Supports Your Business

Flexibility and Branding

Extremely flexible workflow options and full branding capabilities engages employees and aligns performance with your company’s culture and strategy.

Talent Assessment

Identify the critical business experiences, functional skills, and competencies required for success in specific leadership positions. Evaluate potential candidates to fill key assignments or roles. Evaluate performance, potential and retention risk.

Talent Profiles

Build easy-to-access, comprehensive talent profiles on employees that capture data from multiple sources.

9 Box

View talent using a personalized, dynamic 9 box tool. Identify employees who are ready to move into higher-level leadership or other key positions.

Identify Replacements & Successors

Identify replacements and successors for key positions. Create talent pools to fill future positions needs.

Talent Search

Match employees’ knowledge, skills, or experience to current and emerging talent needs.

Talent Development

Drive the development of top talent through transparent, targeted development plans.

Organizational Charting

View talent throughout the entire organization.


Gain insight into your talent to make better succession and leader development decisions.