viaPeople Performance Management

At viaPeople, you design your performance management software and it works the way you want it so you don’t have to sacrifice your needs to other software vendor’s limitations. Designed by viaPeople’s experienced team of Industrial Organizational Psychologists, viaPeople Performance Management provides unique features and options not offered by “the big vendors.” Our customers “expect more” from our software to our unparalleled service quality.

Flexibility and Branding

Extremely flexible workflow options and full branding capabilities engages employees and aligns performance with your company’s culture and strategy.


Focus performance on the competencies that matter to your company and align development planning to build capability. Click here to learn more…

360 Reviews

Seamlessly incorporate feedback from peers, direct reports or any stakeholder group. Click here to learn more…

Goals and Objectives

Facilitate goal/objective setting using your company’s process. Check in on progress at any time. Click here to learn more…

Development Plans

Create development plans that enhance performance and career progression. Click here to learn more…

Performance Calibration

Compare individual and team performance ratings to ensure fairness and accuracy.


Gain insight into your talent to make better decisions.

Process Management

Easily monitor progress and facilitate participation.

Real-Time Feedback

Share and receive continuous feedback to focus performance and development efforts. Click here to learn more…