viaPeople Talent Strategies

viaPeople’s Talent Strategy Experts are Industrial Organizational Psychologists with decades of experience and expertise in developing talent management solutions. Our team has the knowledge, experience and proven success to work with your organization to develop custom solutions that align with your strategy, values and culture.

Competency Modeling

Our experts can help you develop core, functional and job-specific competency models using their proven methodology and comprehensive competency database. These models will provide the foundation for all of your HR processes:

  • Recruitment: know what you’re looking for in a candidate
  • Selection: understand which skills are most critical in your hiring process
  • Training and Development: focus your resources on specific needs
  • Succession: identify those ready for advancement and leadership roles
  • Compensation: reward performance accurately and consistently

Performance Management

Whether you’re designing a new performance evaluation process or improving an existing one, our experts will assist you by:

  • Evaluating your current strategy, processes and forms,
  • Sharing best practices on current trends in the field of performance management,
  • Designing the system so that it serves organizational goals and the unique needs of individual business units,
  • Drafting communication plans and assisting internal champions to secure buy-in, and
  • Delivering training on how to provide accurate ratings/effective feedback.

360 Degree Feedback

All too often, organizations put forth tremendous effort collecting data with little or no action on the results. We’ll assist you in:

  • Defining the purpose and process of the 360 initiative,
  • Constructing 360 degree feedback surveys,
  • Leading team 360 degree feedback sessions,
  • Delivering one-on-one feedback and coaching sessions to leaders, and
  • Presenting aggregate survey results to executives.

Succession Planning 

By combining our sophisticated succession planning software and talent expertise, our experienced experts will work with your HR team to design a powerful and personalized system that will enable you to:

  • Instantly identify succession needs,
  • Recognize performance gaps, and
  • Easily search for available talent.

Performance Driver Analysis

Using extensive knowledge in HR metrics, our Industrial Organizational Psychologists will statistically examine the relationships between employee behavior and your company’s financial and operating metrics (e.g., revenue, market share, retention, employee engagement). Through this analysis, we will identify which employee behaviors most significantly impact your financial and operating results. We will provide you with a “top performer” profile that can assist in:

  • Refining your selection procedures,
  • Targeting your training and development investment,
  • Developing clear guidelines for compensation,
  • Identifying top performing groups within the organization, and
  • Surfacing talent before and after mergers or acquisitions to identify performance gaps or areas of overlap