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viaPeople Performance Management

viaPeople Performance Management Software created so that you can implement the performance management process your way.

Every company manages their talent differently to align with their unique culture and business objectives. Organizations should not be forced to use performance management software designed to do things the way “most companies” do them. Are you “most companies?”

Designed by viaPeople’s experienced team of Industrial Organizational Psychologists, viaPeople Performance Management provides unique features and options not offered by “the big vendors.”

Performance Management Process and Forms

    • Define the performance review workflow/s that best suits each area of your business, including multiple managers and levels of approval.
    • Customize performance review forms to include the performance areas critical to your business – your branding, rating scales and format.
    • Automate rating and merit calculations that link directly to compensation planning systems.
    • Incorporate multi-rater or 360 degree appraisal into the performance evaluation process, including raters from outside of your business.
    • Integrate real-time feedback to enhance development and engage employees.


    • Include your company’s competency models in performance evaluation forms.
    • Assign specific sets of competencies for job levels, departments, positions, etc.
    • Align development plans to competencies to enhance performance and skill development.

Goal Setting and Development Planning

    • Facilitate employee goal setting across the organization using your company’s process and goal setting forms.
    • Track performance and progress throughout the year with calendar deadlines, prioritization and automatic reminders.
    • Capture feedback and performance notes in real-time to make year-end performance reviews more meaningful.
    • Create development plans that build skills and facilitate career progression.

Calibrate Performance Ratings

    • Compare individual and team performance ratings to ensure fairness and accuracy.
    • Align ratings with targets to link performance to rewards.

Gain Insight

    • Identify performance gaps early on through dynamic reporting – before targets are missed.
    • Surface organizational and department strengths and development areas.
    • Target training and development resources by identifying which functions/departments need improvement in specific areas.
    • Leverage mentoring relationships by connecting employees possessing key strengths with those who need development in the same area.

Manage Progress

    • Easily monitor every step of the performance management process for each department in your organization through an easy to use reporting dashboard.
    • Customize your communication based upon content and frequency, facilitating participation and collaboration.