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Competency Models Drive High Performance

What is a Competency?competency models

A competency captures the critical knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and behaviors which contribute to the successful accomplishment of desired job results. Competencies are defined by specific behavioral statements which serve as examples of how a competency may be demonstrated on the job and the expected impact on results.

What is a Competency Model?

A competency model is a set of competencies that describe what it takes to be successful in a specific job role or organization.

  • An individual’s performance goals define WHAT the individual is expected to achieve.  Competency models define HOW goals should be achieved and WHY they should be achieved.
  • Competency models provide clear direction – they articulate, in behavioral terms, what individuals need to do to produce results the organization desires and do so in a way that builds the organization’s culture.
  • Competency models serve as a foundation upon which to integrate management and practices and align human resource processes.

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