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360 Degree Performance Appraisal

Open dialogue is the cornerstone of virtually everything that we do today.  That is why 360 degree feedback is so important.

360 Degree Feedback allows you to gather performance data and feedback from all members of your organization and uncover your company’s strengths and opportunities for improvement, while increasing employee involvement.

We believe that 360 degree feedback systems should be flexible enough to fit your company’s unique needs.  Our industrial organizational psychologists will help you design and implement a solution that will personalize the 360 degree appraisal process from start to finish.

Use 360 Degree Feedback for Development or Decision Making

With our software, you can easily generate unbiased and candid performance data to identify the paths to success for your employees and company alike.

Fit Your Company’s Unique Size

Our 360 degree feedback solution can be implemented in groups ranging from a single leader to tens of thousands.

Gain Insight on the Factors that Drive Your Business

Gather performance data on the the competencies and behaviors that are important to your company.  Our 360 degree performance appraisal system uses your competency models.  We automate the process while creating a personalized experience for your employees and managers.

Create Powerful Reports

Our proprietary reporting tool enables us to slice the data we gather any way that you want.  The result: individual and group level reports that you can use to identify strengths and development needs by employee, job level, department or the entire company.

Share Results with Your Team

Individual team members, or the overall team, are provided with information on strengths and areas for improvement.  The team can then create specific action plans to address the unique needs of the group as a whole.

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