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Talent Management Your Way

Tired of being forced to use needless, cumbersome features by your large talent management vendor?

Switch to viaPeople and begin to manage talent your way.

You have spent the time to develop talent management processes that align with your culture and business strategy. You have buy-in, now you need software.

viaPeople's software solution gives you Talent Management Your Way.

Talent management solutions created for your company and your people.
With our flexible and easy to use human resource software solutions, you will Discover the Talent Within.

Performance Management

To fully understand the capabilities of your company, you must first know the capabilities of the people within it.

Your Process, Your Way.

You have worked very hard to design the performance management process that fits your corporate culture and you have achieved consensus across the company. Now let our expertise and software work together to provide you with a performance appraisal process that fits from start to finish. From the performance appraisal forms, to the workflow that you designed to the reports you need, you will have your process your way.

Performance Evaluation

To fully understand the capabilities of your company, you must first know the capabilities of the people within it. Our methodology and technology work together to customize the entire process - from creating clear and easy-to-understand evaluation forms to setting up a streamlined workflow that fits your company culture. This creates a step-by-step approach that everyone can follow.

This combination delivers online Performance Management that works within Your Company. Your organization receives the strategic information necessary to stay competitive, all without making users feel overwhelmed or overburdened by the process.

Goals & Development Plans

Goal management & development planning are an important components of employee development. They provide an employee with a clear & measurable picture of where they are and where they are going. Performance and development goals provide clear direction for employees, allow you to monitor progress and accurately evaluate performance.

Our solution allows organizations to support your company's Goal Management process Your Way. Easily align goals and development plans throughout your company and link directly to Performance Evaluation to drive performance and accountability.

360 Degree Evaluation

Continuous feedback and development is critical to business success today. 360 degree performance appraisal and feedback provides employees with unbiased, comprehensive and candid performance feedback that leads to performance improvement.

Our 360 degree performance appraisal solution lets you implement the process your way. With unique features such as accuracy enhancers and unsolicited feedback, the viaPeople 360 solution delivers accurate feedback that will motivate development. Whether you have a handful of leaders or wish to implement across the enterprise, our solution can be easily set up and scaled to meet your needs.

Succession Planning

Winning organizations understand that their people drive their business. That means having talented employees at every level of your company, and a solid plan in place to help them develop and move ahead in their careers.

To meet these challenges, your business needs a dynamic succession planning process that proactively develops talent within your organization and identifies pathways for success.

Organizational Charting

Visualize what your organization structure will look like today and tomorrow with an organizational chart. We've made the process of creating an organization chart easier and more flexible for your organization.

Our organizational charting software helps anticipate changes in key positions, restructure teams, and uncover talent gaps all in real time, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

Consulting Services

The technology-based solutions we provide deliver industry-leading results in the field of performance and talent management. But it's the human element behind it all that truly sets viaPeople apart.

Our Industrial Organizational Psychologists ensure that you maximize the power of technology to effectively identify, select and develop your people. Their industry expertise combined with our talent management software enables viaPeople to gather and integrate talent data across your organization and deliver results your way.

3 Expert Tricks to Identify Poor Performance Calibration

Performance Calibration

Performance ratings provided by managers on goals and competencies are important data points in HR and leadership decision making. Performance ratings have consequences. These data points not only have an impact on compensation but are considered in promotion decisions, succession planning and the allocation of developmental resources. Inaccuracy and inconsistency can lead to legal actions and can have a significant negative impact on employee engagement, retention and overall performance. As a result, making sure performance ratings are fair and accurate is critically important.

Read the full post or see previous post - 6 Steps for Conducting Performance Calibration Meetings

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a 360 Degree Feedback Vendor

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Choosing the right vendor for your organization can determine the success or failure of your company's 360 degree feedback process. Don't put the success of the program and your credibility at risk.

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