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Nancy Rogala, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Orthofix

I’ve worked with larger companies where, if you want this you get person A. If you want that you get person B. The account rep is really a new business person – and so on. Every time you need something, you have to figure out whom to call. With viaPeople, there are no sales people, which I love. There’s no account person who ‘handles me’ and the service is superb.

We were a medium sized company looking for a full-service partner to help us identify executive leadership competencies. I’d done some work with the CEO, president, CFO and various business units at Orthofix and we determined that Breg was the best-positioned of our companies to serve as a beta.

In my search for the right partner, I either found a high-priced industrial psychology consultant who didn’t have the software piece, or just the opposite. It was a struggle.

We didn’t have an ad department and didn’t have the resources to hire and start from scratch. We didn’t even have the information we needed to put into a database.

That’s when I came across viaPeople.

We started our relationship by conducting a 360 review with our executive team. It was a big success and as of right now, we’ve put about 80 people through 360, including feedback and workshops. We also just completed our year-end performance reviews. Everyone took action plans from 360 and we’re all working from a well-articulated plan.

This is also the first company I’ve worked with that’s virtual. Leah and Jackie are available to me all the time via email, cell, etc. They’re very much aligned with us.

And one more thing about Leah. When you’re in human resources, and you have a widely diverse executive team with strong personalities, your consultants need to have a lot of credibility. Leah has exactly that. She is a consummate professional who can deliver bad news in a meaningful way. She gets people to listen and garners buy-in every step of the way.

As for the future, we’ll start to build our database at the end of this year. And next year, we are starting to map out career-pathing for the entire Orthofix organization.

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