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Keith Orton, HR Group Director, Cadence Design Systems

[viaPeople’s] performance assessment and goal setting tools are straightforward and easy to navigate. They didn’t require a lot of training.

Ultimately, we were allowed to try to find the right level of functionality to minimize some of our critical change management issues. A major accomplishment for all concerned.

One of my first projects with viaPeople was to help set up a 360 process with our executive staff.

They partnered with us to gather the data for staff, analyze it — then their consultants provided the feedback to our staff members. The process went very smoothly. Our executive staff, like many senior staff, are not easy to please – and they used this tool with no serious negative feedback.

We then decided to take the next step and have viaPeople re-vamp our performance management process. And this was a major undertaking. I mean, how does a senior manager with two thousand people in his organization find the data of a single individual? Customization was obviously going to be critical. And it meant changing our process and the tools that supported it, which began with a pilot involving 6000 people.

We took a subset of our employees and managers and ran them through the first half of our goal setting and performance review processes, gathered feedback, and modified the system accordingly. All the while we were working consistently with programmers and consultants to tweak the system we were using to meet our ongoing needs. We rolled it out enterprise-wide in December ’07.

Every step of the way, viaPeople was right there with us. They’ve worked very hard to manage our idiosyncrasies and have succeeded in doing so. We’ve asked them to do more tailoring for us than they expected to. And they’ve made it happen time and time again.

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