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Christine S. Fernandez, Ph.D., Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Starwood Hotels & Resorts

viaPeople is a strong partner for our 360-feedback program. Their high service levels are a key differentiator for our large and complex program.

Frank Richards, Head of Human Resources, Asset International

Great system flexibility for each phase of the review cycle. We can grow the review program itself on their technology, given its features and functionalities. Very service oriented.

Frank Lynch, Senior Manager, Talent Management, Illumina, Inc.

viaPeople is a top-notch partner.  Their Succession Planning solution allowed us to get our succession planning process up and running very quickly, and they provided superior consulting and implementation support every step of the way.  Our executives found the tool to be easy to use. The configurable reporting allowed us to utilize the information at multiple levels in the company and make better talent decisions.  The software has transformed the succession planning process at Illumina.

Tina Jones, SVP Global HR, Cadence Design Systems

We chose viaPeople, Inc. as our technology partner because of their flexible technology, strong client support services, and the ability of their consulting team of Industrial Organizational psychologists to partner closely with us in our efforts to drive greater alignment between our performance management process and our strategic goals.

viaPeople’s performance management software has enabled greater automation of Cadence’s unique goal management and performance evaluation process, including the incorporation of multi-source feedback.

Sandy Petruzelli, VP HR and Operations and Investor Relations, AEA

Anything we’ve asked for, viaPeople has been able to do. They’ve been my life savers. At the time I got to know viaPeople, we were conducting our performance reviews at year end and we were well aware that we needed to catch up with the times. viaPeople came in and created a multi-rater performance appraisal process that covered the spectrum of staff, associate and executive reviews. It included an online element and database so I can manage the entire process out of my office.

I have a very good relationship with the team at viaPeople. My partners like consistency. They want the same coaches every year. viaPeople knows my team. And that’s important. Just this year, when we conducted our reviews, viaPeople created a form so all the information is essentially in one report. I didn’t ask them to do that. They just did it of their own initiative. They’re very responsive that way. They’re even flexible with costs and they really do make my life easier.

Nancy Rogala, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Orthofix

I’ve worked with larger companies where, if you want this you get person A. If you want that you get person B. The account rep is really a new business person – and so on. Every time you need something, you have to figure out whom to call. With viaPeople, there are no sales people, which I love. There’s no account person who ‘handles me’ and the service is superb.

We were a medium sized company looking for a full-service partner to help us identify executive leadership competencies. I’d done some work with the CEO, president, CFO and various business units at Orthofix and we determined that Breg was the best-positioned of our companies to serve as a beta.

In my search for the right partner, I either found a high-priced industrial psychology consultant who didn’t have the software piece, or just the opposite. It was a struggle.

We didn’t have an ad department and didn’t have the resources to hire and start from scratch. We didn’t even have the information we needed to put into a database.

That’s when I came across viaPeople.

We started our relationship by conducting a 360 review with our executive team. It was a big success and as of right now, we’ve put about 80 people through 360, including feedback and workshops. We also just completed our year-end performance reviews. Everyone took action plans from 360 and we’re all working from a well-articulated plan.

This is also the first company I’ve worked with that’s virtual. Leah and Jackie are available to me all the time via email, cell, etc. They’re very much aligned with us.

And one more thing about Leah. When you’re in human resources, and you have a widely diverse executive team with strong personalities, your consultants need to have a lot of credibility. Leah has exactly that. She is a consummate professional who can deliver bad news in a meaningful way. She gets people to listen and garners buy-in every step of the way.

As for the future, we’ll start to build our database at the end of this year. And next year, we are starting to map out career-pathing for the entire Orthofix organization.

Keith Orton, HR Group Director, Cadence Design Systems

[viaPeople’s] performance assessment and goal setting tools are straightforward and easy to navigate. They didn’t require a lot of training.

Ultimately, we were allowed to try to find the right level of functionality to minimize some of our critical change management issues. A major accomplishment for all concerned.

One of my first projects with viaPeople was to help set up a 360 process with our executive staff.

They partnered with us to gather the data for staff, analyze it — then their consultants provided the feedback to our staff members. The process went very smoothly. Our executive staff, like many senior staff, are not easy to please – and they used this tool with no serious negative feedback.

We then decided to take the next step and have viaPeople re-vamp our performance management process. And this was a major undertaking. I mean, how does a senior manager with two thousand people in his organization find the data of a single individual? Customization was obviously going to be critical. And it meant changing our process and the tools that supported it, which began with a pilot involving 6000 people.

We took a subset of our employees and managers and ran them through the first half of our goal setting and performance review processes, gathered feedback, and modified the system accordingly. All the while we were working consistently with programmers and consultants to tweak the system we were using to meet our ongoing needs. We rolled it out enterprise-wide in December ’07.

Every step of the way, viaPeople was right there with us. They’ve worked very hard to manage our idiosyncrasies and have succeeded in doing so. We’ve asked them to do more tailoring for us than they expected to. And they’ve made it happen time and time again.

Vice President of HR, Mid-sized Pharmaceutical Company

The reality is, most companies don’t understand their customers’ businesses. They may understand elements, but it’s very rare to have them understand the entirety of the business. viaPeople came in understanding my world. They’re not just typical HR consultants or PhDs in ivory towers… In the end, it comes down to this… Their solutions fit our work culture and our process. They allow us to still be us – just better.

Collette Clemens, Director, Organizational Development and Communication, Lands’ End

There are a lot of boutique Industrial Organizational psychology firms popping up right now. What sets viaPeople apart is that they’re grounded in HR. Other companies are more about the constraints of technology, but viaPeople works with people in mind. They have a willingness and ability to partner with you and meet your organization’s specific needs. I met Leah and Jim about five years ago when we were looking for better options to evaluate our leadership. We had a 360 process, but it didn’t help us identify and measure those qualities that were critical in making future hires. We met with 3-4 other vendors and found viaPeople to be very customer-centric and responsive. They offered a customized survey based on our values, which are very important to us. We were able to select what went into the reports and what didn’t. Everything viaPeople does is based in research. They don’t do things because someone else is doing it. And pricing-wise, they were very competitive. Year after year, we continue to invest in our 360 tool and I continue to refer viaPeople to friends and colleagues. Today, we’re also investing in their consulting services and we look forward to many more productive years to come.

Sharon Hartmann, Director of Talent Management, Illumina

We chose viaPeople because they offered us an extremely flexible solution that enabled us to measure the leadership components critical for success at our company. viaPeople consultants and developers worked with us step-by-step to implement the ideal solution to support our succession planning process and allow us to continue to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace based upon talent.