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How We Work With You

Proven Talent Management Implementation Services

viaPeople’s HR Software is specifically designed to allow fast and easy implementation within your organization. To ensure your talent management solutions are up and running quickly, viaPeople works with you to optimize processes, streamline workflow, and automate administrative tasks.

Project Planning

viaPeople will work in partnership with your team to develop and execute a successful implementation plan.

  • Partner with a dedicated and experienced project manager who will help you leverage our technology to meet your goals
  • Collaborate with our Industrial Organizational Psychologists to bring best practices to your process
  • Create a communication and implementation plan that will ensure utilization and end-user satisfaction
  • Select the innovative features and options that align with your organization’s strategy and needs


Our technology and operations teams will configure and test your solution in accordance with your specifications.

  • Quickly and easily upload employee data, online or offline
  • Incorporate your company’s “look and feel” – include your logo, colors and graphics
  • Create customized and targeted emails that communicate process, automatically delivered to facilitate the right activity at the right time
  • Pre-test your fully-functioning system before its release


We will collaborate with you to ensure an effective system launch and facilitate optimum utilization.

  • Educate your implementation team through administrative orientation training delivered by your project manager
  • Leverage automated Client Administration tools and customized, real-time reporting to manage participation and assess results
  • Work with our technical support team to proactively address any user issues and incorporate additional internal communication/training as necessary