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Peer Appraisal in Performance Evaluation

Peer Appraisal is a variation of 360 degree feedback in the performance appraisal process.

Peers and teammates provide a unique perspective on performance.  While managers are best able to assess a individual’s outcomes and results, peers provide insight into an individual’s interpersonal interactions and skills.

Peer appraisal is commonly used as part of the performance appraisal process.  Teammates, colleagues, and peers are anonymously asked to provide input on specific aspects of an individual’s performance.  Typically, peer feedback is provided to the manager’s direct supervisor to inform the overall evaluation process – but feedback may also be shared directly with the individual.

Peer appraisal has many of the same benefits of 360 degree feedback as performance feedback from multiple sources increases accuracy and fairness in the performance evaluation process.  Read more about the benefits of 360 degree feedback in our WhitepaperThe 360 Degree Feedback Advantage: How this Powerful Process Can Change Your Organization.


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