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Organizational Charting

Those organizations that proactively manage their talent will succeed in weathering the conditions of a challenging and demanding marketplace. This requires the ability to dynamically view, model, and analyze critical talent information to make sound people decisions.

At viaPeople, we’ve made the process of creating an organization chart easier and more flexible for your organization. Using our software, you’ll get the information you need to make the best talent management decisions for your organization — in real time.

View Critical Talent Information

Display any employee attribute (e.g., performance ratings, potential successors for key roles, etc.) according to specific access rights in the organizational chart. Identify employees with specific characteristics (e.g. high-potentials) through color coding and then view the comprehensive talent profile on each employee through single-click access.

Make Decisions in Real-Time

Easy navigation and drill-down through business units, functions and departments allows you to make critical talent decisions in real-time. Advanced search capabilities to quickly identify talent according to multiple sets of criteria or model promotion/reduction scenarios.

Integrate Internal Data and Documents

Integrates with HRIS and other internal systems to ensure real-time data; attach photos, images, resumes, and other documents/links through our unique “portal technology.”

Export in Multiple File Formats

Export your organizational chart reports to PDF, Excel and Visio for executive presentations and further manipulation, planning and analysis.