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Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation | Evaluate performance on goals and competencies using flexible rating scale options. Include ratings from multiple sources.

Performance appraisal is an important part of continually improving business results.  Eliminate the administrative burden associated with performance evaluation and place energy and focus on performance improvement.

Our solution let’s you manage your company’s Performance Evaluation process your way. Seamlessly facilitate the completion of evaluations and link to Goal Management to enhance individual and company performance.

  • Utilize evaluation forms with your branding, rating scales, and format.
  • Automate rating and merit calculations that link directly to compensation planning systems.
  • Evaluate performance at any frequency (e.g., semi-annual, 90-day, probationary, etc.).
  • View performance distributions at multiple organizational levels.
  • Track, facilitate and manage the evaluation process with easy to use administrative tools.