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Goal Setting & Development Planning

Goal Setting & Development Planning

Goal Setting | Create and track performance on goals using easy-to-use templates, including goal weights, action plans, and due dates.

Goal setting, goal alignment, and development planning are important to driving individual and organizational performance. They provide an employee with a clear & measurable picture of where they are and where they are going. Performance and development goals provide clear direction for employees, allow you to monitor progress and accurately evaluate performance.

Our solution allows you to support your company’s Goal Management process your way. Easily align goals and development plans throughout your company and link directly to Performance Evaluation to drive performance and accountability.

  • Set performance goals using your organization’s desired process, including SMART goals.
  • Track goal completion through calendar deadlines, priority weights, automatic email reminders, public/private notes and a task-based main menu screen.
  • Align individual goals to organizational strategy and cascading individual goals from department and corporate objectives.
  • Link individual development goals to competencies and employee career plans.