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Tour the viaPeople Employee Performance Evaluation and Succession Planning Products

performance evaluation software viaPeople Performance Management makes the process easy for:
  • Managers and employees to collaboratively set performance goals and development plans, track performance, and conduct performance appraisals
  • HR to monitor and facilitate the performance appraisal process
  • Business unit leaders to gain insight into the strengths, development areas, and overall performance of their teams.
360 feedback system viaPeople 360 feedback lets your:
  • Organizations to measure performance on their unique competencies,
  • Participants to select raters and provide feedback,
  • Leaders to identify strengths and development needs, and create targeted development plans.
succession planning software viaPeople Succession Planning makes the process easy for leaders to:
  • Create talent profiles across the organization,
  • Assess talent and identify individuals with the potential to take on broader roles in the future,
  • Match talent with current and future needs,
  • Plan for the development of leaders to ensure bench strength, and
  • Dynamically visualize talent across the enterprise, and
  • View critical talent information and make sound decisions.